30 Aug - 1 Sept 2019

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What's this all about then?

Langaland is a Music Festival held at Langaford Farm which is owned by the Langaford Farm Charitable Trust. All proceeds from the music festival will be put back into the charity to help pay for improvements to facilities. The festival is principally run by a group of U25s for the Langaford Trust, working together to do their bit for the local community.

Langaland Objectives

Beyond its primary aim, which is to raise funds for the Langaford Trust and other charities, the Langaland Festival identifies itself according to the the following commitments:


  • To showcase, support and inspire local (typically South Devon based), emerging talent in music, art and other creative fields

  • To give opportunities to local young people by offering volunteer roles, potential for entrepreneurship (vending etc.), and experience in organisation, fundraising, live music programming, design, logistics, branding and communication.

  • To demonstrate the ability and talent of local youth, particularly artists.

  • To help local youth build a portfolio of experience and tangible work, and ultimately build confidence in themselves as a result.

  • To encourage extra-curricular commitment to creative endeavours

  • To offer a community network to local youth interested in similar fields, and thus help build friendly and/or professional relations between them.

  • To encourage an eco-friendly mindset and foster an understanding of sustainability and an appreciation for the environment.

Who are the Langaford Farm Charitable Trust?

The Langaford Farm Charitable Trust is a small educational charity established 14 years ago. Our primary activity is to use Langaford Farm our charity HQ on Dartmoor to help people from all walks of life develop themselves. This can take many forms, from the Scouts who use our site for their outdoor activities, Butterfly enthusiasts who come to enjoy our award winning butterfly conservation. To people with serious illnesses who find Langaford Farm is a place which allows them to heal. Langaland itself is a prime example of how we are using the site to help local graduates gain the experience they need following their University studies to further their careers. Not many people can put down music festival on their CVs after all! The farm itself is managed carefully by a dedicated team who work to carefully balance a working farm against conservation encouraging some rare and diverse plant species to thrive. The fields you will wander through at the festival have been deliberately chosen due to their relatively low conservation value and it’s why we ask you not to wander outside of the festival area.

We run a number of smaller events throughout the year and we ask you to come and find out more at the festival. These events unlock the secrets of Langaford Farm and are often lead by experts in that particular field.

For more information on the trust visit: http://www.langafordtrust.org/

Langaland is organised by a cheery tribe of volunteers who come from a variety of backgrounds, but together create a hardworking and dedicated family! Over the festival weekend our family grows, welcoming volunteers from across the South West; if you'd like to join the Langaland family and earn a ticket, head over to Langaland Stewards or register here.