30 Aug - 1 Sept 2019

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Meet the Artists! Interview with UNCollective

September 1, 2016





UNCollective are a group of artists based in Devon who have worked extensively in Falmouth whilst its members studied at the college. For Langaland's first year they will be taking over the Barn Stage and also providing all sorts of designs and installations across the festival.



Who are UNCollective?


We, me, you, anyone, someone, everyone, whatever and whoever it pleases.


When and how did you get started as a collective?


In the vortex of time and space itself stars aligned and the cosmos spat out its only reasonable answer to the way things are.


The UNC team are providing all sorts of artistic services at Langaland this year: what should people look out for? 


Keep on the watch for mischievous Langaland sprites, banners, art installations, lights, colours, and generally entertaining sillinesses. Also head to the barn stage where we will be presenting some brilliant musicians and turning it into a bit of a party later on.


So what’s next for the collective?


We’re really hot on alchemy right now. Also we’re planning a magical voyage to Swindon designer outlet to hunt goblins.


Finally, any advice for all the young upcoming artists out there?


Just bloody do so much stuff. Do all the stuff. Do it. Do it now.







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