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Meet the Music Makers #4 ZURI AURA

August 27, 2016




Headlining Langaland's inaugural year are Zuri Aura, known for their explosive sound, soulful grooves and rock steady reggae, all influenced heavily by dub, hip-hop, d'n'b and world music. The group have packed out venues, kicked off festival’s and played live BBC introducing radio shows across the UK and Europe, storming the scene after forming just three years ago. They have supported big names such as Quantic Live, The Skints, Will And The People, Chainska Brassika and Young Blood Brass Band and have a mega year lined up for 2016, including Langaland of course!


We spoke with Jake from the band:




How and when did Zuri Aura start?


Zuri Aura began when singer Adjua and drummer Jack bumped into each other at Beautiful Days festival, back in 2014. They decided to start a band, so songs were written and extra members joined until the the lineup was complete.


Does Devon has an appetite for Reggae?


I think so, yes. Whether or not it has something to do with the amount of small festivals in Devon or whether Reggae appeals to the laid-back attitude adopted by Devonians, I do not know. But I do know that Reggae appeals to people of all ages and from many different backgrounds, which makes for a large and eclectic audience.


What has been your favourite memory as a band? 


I'm sure we all have our own personal favourite memories but I think I speak for everyone when I say that our first foreign venture to tour the French Alps was something that changed us as a group, and made us aware of the possibility of working as a full-time band. We did everything together: sharing beds, food.., it was a real test that resulted in us becoming even greater friends and, hopefully, better musicians.


What are you currently working on?


We have just finished recording a single and also filming its official music video. At this point we are deciding on when we ought to release them and, hopefully, get all of our material online for everyone to enjoy. Once that is complete and autumn rolls around we may release a second single and another music video... you'll have to wait and see!


Fill us in on your charity work to date.


Another highlight of being in a group like this is being able to do charity events. We have played a few fundraisers over the last couple of years but one that particularly stands out was playing 'l'auberge des migrants' Calais fundraiser. It was a great event with two bands involved alongside the clothing brand Finest Hour. Everyone was very generous and understanding of the cause and we raised a decent amount of money that night. I remember feeling really proud once the event was over!







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