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Meet the Music Makers #3 NAKED LIGHTS

August 23, 2016



A new band hailing from London but formed in Falmouth, Naked Lights promise to put on a great show for Langaland this year. Check out the following interview and get to know them a little better before the big day!





So, who are the Naked Lights?


We are the second most popular band on Google with the name Naked Lights, however the only one to be playing the finest festival in the South-West. We're a three (occasionally four) piece hailing from London but formed in Falmouth.


What inspired the band’s name?


The name was inspired by Josh (the bassist) seeing a "no naked lights" warning sign and drunkenly heckling said inanimate object. The rest is history.


Is there something that makes Naked Lights’ sound unique?


Our musical uniqueness probably derives from both the strength of our combined facial hair and our ambition to sell out arenas. We also like The Wave Pictures and The National, so I guess we're some weird middle ground where Matt Berninger is having a fairly good day.


If Naked Lights could soundtrack any classic film with their music, which film would it be?


I'd probably figure out a way for us to soundtrack Withnail and I. But it would be particularly narrative-driven. Maybe turn it into a musical?


What’s coming up in the (naked) calendar?


Well Langaland is obviously the first stepping stone on our path to headlining the other worthwhile festival in the South-West (G*********y). We've also just moved into a house together in order to finish writing and recording an album.


What is it that makes music festivals great, in your opinion?



Music festivals are always great because there's no fixed socially acceptable drinking hours. You can open a beer at 8am and that's totally cool. It's a bit like being in an airport accept you can have fires, there's loads of great new music to discover and you don't have to eat at Pret.









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