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Meet the Music Makers #2 RIO MAR

August 20, 2016




Today we're getting to know the fun and free-willed foursome RIO MAR, a summer-primed folk/soul group formed during its members' years studying at Falmouth University.





Who makes up Rio Mar, and what do they play?


Chris Garcia on guitar and lead vocals. Maddie Broad with the sweet sweet harmonies. Eden Fish [not at Langaland :( ] bass guitar and third voice, and Will Thomas is the cajon rhythm master.


And why are you called Rio Mar anyway?


After playing St Ives food and drink festival with no name, we noticed Will's dad's hat had the words Rio Mar on, so it caught on.


When did you first get into writing and performing music?


Chris and Maddie both played the Student Union bar open mic nights as soloists, and decided to start playing together then. Will was Chris' flatmate and started to join in practice sessions on Cajon. We played as a trio at Vintage Warehouse at the end of our first year, then in October Eden joined on bass after he heard us playing at Jacob's Ladder. The rest is history....


What's been your favourite music festival memory?


The inaugural somersault festival was incredible: Jack Johnson on Sunday night... sounds clichéd but it was amazing!


Tell us about your latest release


Infamously late. It is also our first release a hell of a long time coming, still coming... But all the recording is now down, and it's in post production!


Who are your musical inspiration?


Influences range from flamenco music guitar rhythms, to Joni Mitchell's heartfelt folk and everything in between!


What is next for your music?


Unfortunately, mostly going our separate ways after uni, Chris Garcia is going to become a mega solo star, however!








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