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Meet the Music Makers #1 THE PAPERS

August 16, 2016



We caught up with The Papers, the Rock Reggae antidote to reality TV, greed, boredom, manufactured music and corrupt politicians. Agit pop is played for real by this reggae rock outfit that have been around since 1979. Now they're a 5 piece with two guitars, drums, horn and vocals, having realised three albums and 4 singles.

You're the Langaland band that’s been around the longest: what makes

The Papers so durable?


We focus on writing and playing music with messages about ecology, human rights, anti -war and anti exploitation of communities - as we all agree with this perspective I guess it has helped us to stay together as a band. we also share everything equally in the band. All song and performance royalties are distributed to all band members equally so there are no arguments about who owns what.


What's been your favourite music festival memory?


Headlining the Thorpe Tree Fair in Suffolk in 1983. Jimmy Page played a set before we went on. It was magical.


Tell us about your latest release.


We released Live Your dreams in November last year featuring Barrack Obama's inauguration speech when he became president of the USA. It picked up a lot of European airplay and is now picking up airplay in the States (and now a bit in the UK) - obviously linked to the coming election. We have also just released a second new single, Living in the Rhythm of life that is all about Costa Rica. Costa Rica has no army, and spends its taxes on health and education and preserving the rainforest. We think that's a good way to manage a country.


If there were one message your music is trying to get out there, what is it? 


Look after each other and Live Your dreams. What is next for your music We are recording a new album at the moment. it should be ready for release in November this year. We are also looking at a tour of Holland in the New Year.


Finally, any top tips for surviving festivals?


Get some sleep!






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