30 Aug - 1 Sept 2019

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Festival Headdress Workshop by - Pom Stitch Tassel

We are super duper excited to welcome the incredibly talented Emma from Pom Stitch Tassel who is our newest member of the Langa-Family. Emma will be running festival headdress workshops over the weekend suitable for 4-5 years + (younger children can take part if supervised by a parent/guardian). 

Workshops will be drop in and cost £3.00 per headdress.

The Henna Peacock

A firm favourite at Langaland, Shelby and her hand mixed henna return to Langaland 2019! The Henna is mixed up freshly on demand, this means that lumps are much less likely to occur in the paste, and that you get the best quality henna possible.

Shelby has explored the art, history and meanings behind the art of henna and its more than just a form of art to her. It is a form of devotion and expression as well as that of love, peace, and a way of life, Shelby has even published a book about how to henna and is working on a second one in her free time.

Sunshine T's and Hula Hoops

A variety of uniquely designed t-shirts available to buy and design yourself! T-Shirt printing workshops will be available throughout the weekend, a great opportunity to create a unique momento of Langaland 2018. Hula Hoops are also available, keeping you entertained whilst your brand new t-shirt dries in the sunshine!

Chilli Baba

Chilli Baba join us at Langaland 2019 with their carefully selected handcrafted gifts, clothing, furnishings and jewellery all sourced from India.

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